Sunday, December 19, 2010


Ava is a complete "chow hound". The baby never gets full. She loves cheese. I usually feed her pancakes, blueberries and watermelon for breakfast. Oh, and I recently introduced her to the "goldfish" cracker which she loves. It is a great incentive for her to get into the crawling position.
Liv and I were thrilled back in October to see her sitting up when we went in and got her from her nap. We have found her like this around 4 times. The first time was so cute, she was just looking around at everything.

Well it has been forever since I last posted. I have been working on turning my blog into a "blog book". I compiled basically the last year of posts into a book and I just recently got it back and I love it! I worked very hard on it and I think it turned out great. So now I am going to try harder to put even more pictures on here and keep them in order because I love how the book turned out so much. I don't have time to scrapbook anymore, so the concept of being able to turn this blog into a photo book is a great invention for this gal. So, I am going to pretend like it's the month of October and get back into blogging. Hopefully one day I will be current again!

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