Friday, October 30, 2009

Falling Leaves Video

I don't understand why I can't flip this video; so just turn your head and it will be perfect. I have been taking a lot of sideways video clips with my camera and I don't even know I am doing it....Anyways, after playing an hour of pre-school with her she was very receptive in letting me take this video of the new song she learned in music class.

Monday, October 26, 2009

10 days and counting

During my stress test today I felt my first contraction. It was a very evident reminder that she could be coming anytime. We are so excited, but today I felt overwhelmed with nerves and emotions. I really hope I hold off until Nov 5th. I really want my OB to deliver the baby. We'll keep you posted!

A nice weekend at the water park

This past weekend we went to the indoor water park and spent the weekend there with Grandma and Choo-Choo. Olivia had a great time playing in the water and having fun being a seal. She was tall enough to go on the middle inner tube slide which she went on several times with her dad. Her and I got to go on the lazy river. She loved spending time the most I think playing and jumping off the end of the pool with grandma. It was a great weekend. She sure appreciated all the snacks that grandma packed.

More water park pictures

Zoo Boo

We went to the Zoo Boo with our friends Alison, John and their two daughters, Norah and Isabel. Even though I was not impressed with the Zoo Boo the girls had a great time. It was nice visiting with their family whom we hadn't seen in way to long. Olivia went as a "funky" cheerleader", or at least that's what her costume looked like to us. Norah was a Ball State cheerleader and Isabel was a cat. The weather was 60 degrees, but I made Olivia wear a hat. I think she was the only kid there with a hat on.
Watching the Walrus show

She loves the carousel; today it happened to go backwards

Alison and Isabel

Friday, October 23, 2009

Jeanne and Cody

We met Jeanne and Cody at Lonestar Steakhouse last night. Cody is touring colleges right now and Ball State made the list. When his tour was done we got to have a nice dinner together. Olivia really enjoyed seeing them as we did too.
On a side note: When Miss Shelle got Olivia out of the car today to enter school. She said to Olivia "when is your baby sister due" Olivia said "Halloween and then 5 days later"...I thought that was cute.

Classroom visit

Liv's pre-school class celebrated her summer birthday on Wednesday. When I initially told her she said " I am five now"? I had to explain to her why her class was celebrating her birthday now in October. She wanted to make sugar cookies with frosting and sprinkles. We made those the night before and we had a good time. Her teacher's Miss Karin and Miss Jill are so nice and loving. She also has another helper, Miss Donna who is doing her internship and Olivia really likes her as well. Standing next to Olivia is Ava, which is her favorite friend so far this year. Olivia loves to observe everything and anything. She is going through a shy stage right now. She wanted me to hear and see how Miss Donna sang Happy Birthday, b/c she likes how she moves her feet and hands. Then she wanted me to look at a classmates hair b/c it always sticks up in back. But she made me promise not to mention these things to Miss Donna or her friend b/c she " is a little bit shy".
She couldn't wait to eat her special cookie. She got to take the first bite.

Here we are during circle time. I had to bring in pictures of her life and then she showed them to her class.

I so enjoyed this time with her and I know she did too. As you can see she wore her favorite monkey shirt.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Big Sister Preparations

The first picture is what Olivia is going to bring to her classmates at school once her baby sister arrives. They are baby bottles filled with candy rattles. She loved doing this and is excited to hand these out to her friends. The rest of the pictures are from when we went to Build A Bear, where she made baby sister a stuffed friend. Out of all the stuffed animals she picked out the Turkey; named Turkey Feathers. She then picked out a bear for herself. She had fun picking out their hearts and watching them be stuffed. She wanted the Turkey Feathers to be stuffed harder just in case baby sister throws it. I wanted to get a picture of her with Turkey Feathers, but she was only interested in getting one taken with her bear. She picked out a Halloween costume for her new stuffed bear.

Apple painting

Last Wednesday Oliva was supposed to go to Russell Farms for her pre-school field trip. I decided to keep her home because it was cold and rainy. We had lots of fun painting with apples. The bigger the mess the more fun! Can you tell I only have 2 1/2 weeks to go? I can!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


We are going thru a sermon series at church this month titled " God's Vision for Money". It has been very challenging and convicting to hear. Contentment and the Grace of Giving are two things that we (I) need to invest my thoughts and prayer life on. I liked this quote by the Wall Street Journal: " Money is an article which may be used as a universal passport to everywhere except heaven, and as a universal provider of everything except Happiness."

Her mischievious face


We went to the pumpkin patch after church on Sunday and got a couple of pumpkins. Olivia picked one out for Bitty Baby and Baby sister. She even picked out a gourd for Jackson. We put up our scarecrows and Halloween decorations too. I love Halloween. This year she wants to be a cheerleader.
Jackson will be a pumpkin. I feel like I am going to be a pumpkin as well!

Jacob is 4

We had a great time as always at Jacob's birthday party. Olivia ran around for 4 hrs...having fun on the hay rides, bounce house, making smores, face painting and her and daddy rode around on the ATV like old times. They both miss riding on the ATV. Jacob, Happy Birthday!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Brad's new baby.....for the meantime!

Brad bought a 1993 mustang convertible and picked it up this past weekend when he went to South Bend to see Notre Dame play with his buddies. He has been looking at these types of cars for forever. He was so proud pulling it into the garage. Olivia loves riding in it with her sunglasses on. It was really nice yesterday, so we all took a nice family ride. By looking at the forecast it doesn't look like we are going to have many more days of convertible weather...but who knows. Today he is taking it in and getting it detailed. He calls it his baby...

Olivia down for a few days

Last Wednesday I picked up Olivia from pre-school and when we got home she asked to go take her nap. When she got up she had a fever and it lasted until Saturday afternoon. I took her into the doctor on Friday and after looking at her and testing her for the flu...she just had a viral infection. She still has a cough, but no fever. We watched a lot of say the least. Jackson kept her company on many occasions. Glad your better, honey. Thanks Sharyl and Dave for coming down and letting me rest for a little moment while you played with her.