Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Jacob is 5

Jacob turned five last Sunday and a bunch of us went to the Headless Horseman festival to celebrate his birthday at Connor Prairie. Besides standing in line A LOT we had a great time. The weather was awesome. I was really apprehensive about the hayride and how Olivia would react to all the "scary stuff". She really liked it and had a blast. They had tons of activities for the kids. We definitely will go again next year. I am wearing a spider on my head here. Thanks Amy!

Jadyn, Max and Livie

We had pizza and cupcakes before we went into the festival.

Sisterly fun with some added drama

Olivia picked Ava's outfit out so they could match.
"Liv lets not be so rough. I don't think putting her on a lid and trying to slide her is the best option for Ava, do you"?

Fall Fun at Richey Woods

A few weeks back Christin and I took the kids to Richey Woods. It was a great day. The kids got to play many games, carve pumpkins and do some crafts. Olivia played more of a role in carving her pumpkin this year, which really excited her. Our pumpkin doesn't have a mouth, I didn't bring the best carving tools. The best thing about this program was that it didn't cost a cent! The very last picture is of Olivia and I at the Little Mermaid. What a cute program that Beef and Boards put on.

Fall Fun

Monday, October 18, 2010

My little pumpkin

Tuttle's orchard

At the end of September, Olivia's class went on their first Field Trip to Tuttle's Orchard. The weather was great. I had such a fun afternoon with Olivia. We learned a lot about apples and bee's.
She was flushed. It was hot.

Threw in some random pictures. Anyone need a burger? I always love it when Olivia says "were out of hamburgers"

Mema and her Little Ava

Sept Random

Back in September we took the training wheels off Liv's bike. She was very hesitant, and didn't want Brad to take his hands off her. We gave it a few attempts. A few weeks later Papa bought her a bigger bike (not shown). The training wheels are back on. But like anything with Liv..when she is ready...she'll do it.
September was the month of baby dolls. She played with these dolls for hrs. All by herself I might add. She is running an orphanage. Can you find the real baby hiding? I will give you a to Joe Buck.

Whenever the weather is nice Brad and I pick Liv up from kindergarten on our bikes. Ava loves it. I love being so close to her school.

Happy Birthday, Dad

Dad turned 63 years young back in September. Grandma and Olivia made him cupcakes. You can see Olivia is wearing her Pittsburgh Steelers shirt. Her favorite team.?! We went to the Dollar Tree and Olivia picked out a few things for Choo. She even slipped a dollar in the card. I love birthdays! I love you-Dad

Friday, October 15, 2010

11 months old now

It's great now that she can sit up in this tub. She loves her baths, hates getting out.
About the end of September we started giving her table food. She ate pasta first..and now she is full throttle. Eating, tofu, avocado, english muffins, pork tenderloin. I chop everything up into tiny bits so she can swallow. I also tried giving her cow's milk in a bottle and she actually sucked and drank a little.

Sister fun. Olivia loves making her laugh. The feeling is mutual. Ava likes to spit out her food now in the high chair, which makes Olivia laugh.

I never realized how much strength is required to hit "milestones". I guess I took that for granted with Olivia. She just did everything so early, I didn't even notice the steps involved. Ava is making progress with standing alone now. Her little vein pops out on the side of her face when she tries to sit up by herself from a laying down position. You can see the exertion she puts into it.

Miranda loves working with Ava. We continue our weekly sessions. Olivia loves to mimic Physical Therapy sessions. She acts just like Miranda, gets out her notepad, etc. She loves to encourage her sister. I use the word "gentle" a lot during those therapy sessions.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Children's Museum

Dave and I took Olivia to the Children's museum about 2 weeks ago. We hadn't been there in ages. Olivia really liked the Barbie Expo, running thru the mirrors, the carousel and of course the cotton candy. Sharyl stayed home with Ava. It was great spending some time with Livie.
Work it girl

This is how I found Ava sleeping that weekend. Apparently, she was very comfortable.