Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A restful Labor Day

Labor Day weekend cook-out!
We borrowed a bike trailer from some friends, and by Golly Gee Ava loved it.

They just got back from going to the Hamilton Town Center. The breeze put Ava to sleep. Olivia was so excited to learn that Ava was going in with her.

Labor Day cont.

We have started on the journey of riding a bike w/out training wheels. All of Liv's friends are able to ride now without their wheels, so she is eager to learn. She did good the first time. It was quite a moment to see, so special. It was one of those moments that if you blink your eye it will be over. Another milestone about to be recorded!!

This ride was so shaky, so funny though. We are at the Antique Toy Museum here. Liv loved riding on all the old time rides. She was to afraid to go on the bumper cars.

We had a great Labor Day weekend. The weather was great! Here we are in Zionsville. We had a great lunch. I can't remember his name but a Colts linebacker was sitting next to us. He was huge.

10 months old

I like the grass
Look at me

She loves those keys

Silly bands you are everywhere in my house

Our little Ava turned 10 months old this past week. Ava has made a lot of progress this past month. She got 2 teeth at the end of September and started sitting up on her own. Her smile can melt your heart, she is so pretty and it seems as though her blue eyes and reddish hair will be sticking around. I am starting to call her my carrot cake. She is still very fiesty and has quite a temper. Seems like those character genes run in the family. She loves mommy to hold her A lot. Mommy has now been going to the chiropractor, after some adjusting my back feels good again!

Man does she ever love her big Sister. I can get teary eyed with emotion about this. Such a neat experience seeing them laugh together. Ava is still getting up about one time per night to eat. She is resisting the bottle and that has become a source of stress. But with each new day I see God's mercies ever present in our lives. Thanks to Him who gives me strength!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Physical Therapy

Ava is really progressing nicely with her Physical Therapy. She has weak muscle tone, but over the last month she has gotten so much stronger. She has a love/ hate relationship with the Yoga Ball.

A date with Miranda