Sunday, April 18, 2010

Spring Break at French Lick

There is something to do for everybody at French Lick. Brad and Sharyl played the casino, I went to the Spa, Dave and Olivia swam until they were water logged. Dave and Brad golfed. And Ava well she just tagged along and looked cute. Olivia is very excited to turn 8 and come back to actually go on a trail ride; but until then a pony ride will suffice. She loves horses. This makes me happy because my mom loved horses.
For some reason when I tell Liv to smile these days..this is what we get..
Mother/daughter lunch at West Baden. Well actually that sounds way to fancy, it actually was mother watching daughter run around until the food came. The place was empty so it was OK.

Dave and Olivia spent probably 4 hrs in the pool at a night they stayed until it closed..10pm.

More French Lick

We are at the 1875 Steakhouse for dinner. It was really good.
I took this picture before we left. Ava loves the outdoors.

I bought this scarf for Liv for an Easter present. She looks way to old wearing this... Really starting to look like a kindergartner. Oh my!

Windy Carriage Ride


Olivia had her first Lemonade stand a few weeks back. It was actually Kool-Aide( note to self that was messy). She brought in $5.00. We gave a few drinks away for free, and most people paid a dollar for a glass. We were charging 25 cents. Olivia was going door to door telling our neighbors that it was $5.00..we'll concentrate on the value of a dollar at some other time. She gave $2.oo to church and kept the rest for the Dollar Tree. Looking forward to our next stand. Pure Lemonade next time.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

More Easter Pics

This picture cracks me up
Ava's first Easter

At Crossroads for the annual Easter Egg hunt and songs

We went to an Easter Egg Hunt in Carmel this year. There were over 1,500 eggs scattered, we however only got 9. It was so cold, but we all had a great time.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Pinewood Derby

Olivia participated in Pioneer Club all year at our church. At the end they had the Pinewood Derby. Olivia 's car was named the Polly Pocket Rocket. She ended up coming in 10th. It was really fun to watch. They all got trophies at the end. The winner got a bigger trophy and got to drink milk. A lot of time was put forth, Brad helped to set-up the track. During the year they learned bible versus, made crafts and did rec in the gym.

By the end as you can see in this picture the interest was coming to a stop.

Here is a video clip of one heat. Her car is the blue one if you can make it out:>)

Saturday, April 10, 2010

I am 5 months now

I can hardly believe I am 5 months old now. I went to the Dr yesterday and I weigh 13.5 pounds and my length is 24 1/2 inches. I am in the 25% range for my height and weight. At my 4 month old appt Dr Meg was a little concerned about me not growing much, that's why I had to come back this month. But in the last month I have grown over an inch. She is happy with my progress. I am just going to be shorter than my sister. I am sleeping a lot better in my crib now. As a matter of fact I went to sleep yesterday at 8 pm and didn't wake up until 2 am. I have noticed that my mom and dad are starting to let me cry a little more at night, and instead of my mom feeding me they just stick that binky in my mouth. After about 10 minutes I give up; and I just fall back to sleep. I let my mommy know when I am tired by putting my hands over my face; I think they enjoy my latest signal. I went for my first stroller ride this past month, which I really enjoyed. I also sit in my bumbo seat, but I am not quite sure about that so I cry to get out. I am trying a little to roll over more now, but still just to prefer to smile and giggle on my back. I like it when Daddy blows on my hair..It makes me really laugh. I don't like to be left alone to much now, I prefer to have others close to me. I really like it when mommy carries me outward so I can see everything. Everywhere I go people comment on my mohawk and tell me how cute I am.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Olivia's Progress Report

Back in March we had a parent/teacher conference and I wanted to share what Olivia's teachers said about her. "Olivia has turned into a "big girl" before our eyes. She loves being around her friends as much as they enjoy being around her. If a friend is needing help Olivia will stop to try and help and always has a nice compliment for them." ( Miss Jill)

"Olivia has been a delight to have in class. She is really growing into a little lady. I love her sweet smile and how she is always willing to help out her friends. She always has a positive attitude. I can't wait to see her as a kindergartner." (Miss. Carin)

These comments really warm my heart. Our Liv is such a generous person..I just wanted to brag a little about my baby. Because she had such a great report. Brad made a really cool tent in her room and they slept underneath it for like 2 nights together.

Friday, April 2, 2010

An American Hero

My grandpa died on Sunday, March 28th. He was 84 years old. I am still so numb to the fact that both of my grandparents are no longer with us. I loved them so. Yesterday we laid my grandpa to rest at Abraham Lincoln's National Cemetery in Joliet IL. What an honor to have witnessed such a graceful and Honorable event. From the distance as we drove up to the cemetary sight you could see the flags blowing in the air, the Military lined up young and old with their rifles in hand looking so reverent ; all in honor of my grandpa. As they played the Taps song and did the 21 gun- salute I can't explain what a nostalgic experience that was for me. They presented the American Flag to my dad along with the 3 shots they fired. What an amazing sight; My dad was so honored/humbled to be receiving those 2 things that he knew my grandpa earned and would be so proud to have. I will so miss my grandpa's laugh and sense of humor. He was always on "our side" and that will be forever missed. I can picture my grandma and grandpa playing cards, drinking coffee and feeling no pain in Heaven. He sure did love my grandmother. I always loved looking at his tattoo that he had on his arm that said "Betty". I am so glad Olivia has memories of him and I am so grateful that he got to meet Ava. I love you grandpa and I miss you already. If your reading this and have grandparents left here on earth; give them a call. It will probably be the highlight of their day.
Below is some info about the 21 gun- salute that I found interesting.
The 21-gun salute is the highest honor that can be given by a nation. The 21-gun naval salute was first adopted by Great Britain, the predominant maritime power world in the 18th-19th centuries, and was later accepted as an international salute.
Early naval gun salutes consisted of seven shots because that was the standard number of weapons on ships and because of mystical properties associated with the number seven. Land batteries, which had more gunpowder than ships, could fire three shots for every one fired at sea, and as a result, batteries on shore fired 21 gun salutes. When the quality of gunpowder improved and it could be stored better at sea, naval ships also adopted the 21-gun salute for greeting each other. In 1730, the British Royal Navy adopted the use of this salute as a commemoration of significant anniversaries. The 21-gun salute was later adopted as a salute to the Royal family as well.

Could not of said this better!

In my last newsletter I wrote of my love for the reminder that Spring brings of God raising His people from death to life. May we never forget that the new life that sprang out of our dead souls was purchased by the life of another. This weekend we celebrate the inconceivable truth that Jesus Christ took OUR sin, suffered OUR shame, and received the full cup of God's wrath in OUR place on the cross. He suffered and died, but death could not contain Him. He was raised, defeating sin and death and securing eternal life for those who call on Him by faith. And why? Not because we are worthy or have anything to offer Him or have any potential for good or are better, smarter, richer, stronger, more moral, more religious, or more usable than anyone else. He did it because God, being rich in mercy, knows we have no hope apart from Him. He did it because he loves us in a way that we cannot fathom - with a love that is not earned, but given freely, not based on our merit, but on the merits of Christ. My hope and prayer for you is that you find great renewal in the Gospel of grace as you celebrate Easter this weekend, a newness of life fuel by grace that will not be extinguished come Monday morning. May we be reminded this weekend of the great joy of living for Him because He died for us.
Written by David Peters