Saturday, April 10, 2010

I am 5 months now

I can hardly believe I am 5 months old now. I went to the Dr yesterday and I weigh 13.5 pounds and my length is 24 1/2 inches. I am in the 25% range for my height and weight. At my 4 month old appt Dr Meg was a little concerned about me not growing much, that's why I had to come back this month. But in the last month I have grown over an inch. She is happy with my progress. I am just going to be shorter than my sister. I am sleeping a lot better in my crib now. As a matter of fact I went to sleep yesterday at 8 pm and didn't wake up until 2 am. I have noticed that my mom and dad are starting to let me cry a little more at night, and instead of my mom feeding me they just stick that binky in my mouth. After about 10 minutes I give up; and I just fall back to sleep. I let my mommy know when I am tired by putting my hands over my face; I think they enjoy my latest signal. I went for my first stroller ride this past month, which I really enjoyed. I also sit in my bumbo seat, but I am not quite sure about that so I cry to get out. I am trying a little to roll over more now, but still just to prefer to smile and giggle on my back. I like it when Daddy blows on my hair..It makes me really laugh. I don't like to be left alone to much now, I prefer to have others close to me. I really like it when mommy carries me outward so I can see everything. Everywhere I go people comment on my mohawk and tell me how cute I am.


  1. It's so fun reading these posts! It's funny how many things Ava & Jayce are both doing now. Jayce is much larger then Ava....he's off the charts! Last weigh-in he was 21 lbs. and 26 in. long! He's even bigger then Eli was & Eli was a large baby! Ava is SO cute and we can't wait to meet her!!!! Hope to see you guys soon!

  2. Ava, Ava, Ava,

    You are growing so quickly. I think you are going to be "medium-size" like mema. That's what your sister calls me. I love your smile and your laugh. You are darling! We love you lots. Mema

  3. I just love to read Ava's monthly updates. She is so cute and smart...a real keeper!