Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Thanksgiving and Flu

I tried to come downstairs and eat, but I just couldn't. I lasted here at the table for 4 minutes.

Finally feeling better here

Well this Thanksgiving was kind of a bust. I came down with the flu and then Ava got it. We were suppose to travel to Michigan City for Thanksgiving. I was also going to visit with CieAna who I hadn't seen in to long; she was going to meet Ava for the first time. God had other plans, though. Sharyl and Dave came down with their turkey in tow from Martin's and we made the best of it.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Thanksgivng Feast

I got to help volunteer in Olivia's kindergarten class during the Thanksgiving feast. Here she is at a station churning butter. It sprayed all over her.
This was my station to man. It was kind of scary having the kids use knifes. No accidents!

I was happy to say that Olivia tried cranberry relish and actually loved it.

Mrs. Lubs read to the children about the Pilgrims, etc.

Weekend at the Cabin

Back in November I traveled to Ohio to celebrate Mandy's bridal shower at Jenni's cabin. It was such a wonderful way to celebrate and honor Mandy. It had been years since we all got together, all of us ol' college roomies from BSU. Mans got a lot of awesome gifts. Jenni made soup, salad, drinks and appetizers. Jenni did a great job with all the decorations. The table looked so pretty! We ate ourselves silly. We had a great time re-living old memories and catching up on the new! Mandy is getting married in Mexico at the end of March. It was great relaxing in such a beautiful setting. Nothing sweeter than special girlfriends. Laughter is the best medicine. This was also my first get away without Ava since she was born. I was really worried about her taking a bottle. She took it a little, but she did fine.