Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Off to Rochester Hills

A few weeks ago we went to Rochester Hills to visit family. It had been since October since we saw the kiddos. Here Olivia and Teddy sit.
I thought we could dye some early Easter Eggs

Grandma Freida enjoyed watching the kids play so nicely together.

The many faces of my Little Shamrock

Of course Brad made her pancakes into Shamrocks today

I also had a real cute St Patty's Day headband for her to wear but she had another one in mind that she wanted to wear. She has gotten to be quite opinionated on her wardrobe. After school we came home and she changed into her Puma pants and Cinderella shirt...again. At least I was able to get these cute photos.

We got a babysitter and went to Scotty's Brewhouse with Steve and Christin Erwin and Lew and Amanda Wooton. Fun was had by all. Can you believe I forgot to bring my camera!?

Super Swimmer 2

Olivia has been going to Stoney Creek Swim Center for 3 weeks now. She loves it and can't wait to get in the water. I had a hard time adjusting at first because parents aren't allowed in the pool area. We have to watch her through the glass windows, they don't use any life jackets, etc. So needless to say my eyes are glued to her every move in the water. There are 3 other friends in her class all about her same age. The class is only 30 minutes which is so short, but she can't get enough of it which is great. She has really gotten a lot better at floating on her back since last summer.
Here she is all ready to start, she must own 10 pairs of goggles

Her teacher is Mallory and Olivia took to her right away. She is only about 17 and is very nice to the kids.

Here she is getting ready to do her "kangaroo jumps". I am so proud of her. She has gone under water a few times.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Bubble Video

Cheerleading and Outdoor fun

A few weekends ago Mema and Papa came down for the weekend. The weather was great the weekend they came; we got to go to the park, ride bikes, and do bubbles! In the first two pictures Olivia was watching Competitive Cheerleading on TV. Well of course she wanted to emulate what she saw on us.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Cooking class at YMCA

A few weeks ago Olivia started taking a cooking class at the YMCA on Fridays. Her teacher is from Venezuela and has a pretty heavy accent. She is great with the kids and is very vibrant and has a lot of energy. The first week's theme was "Green Eggs and Ham" to celebrate Dr Seuss' birthday. Ms. Mary read the "Green Eggs and Ham" book to the class. Later when we got home Olivia wanted me to read the book the same way Ms. Mary did. I think she was intrigued by her accent. I was impressed that she ate the green eggs too! This past week she helped make chicken nuggets and this Friday is Pizza day. I have to start bringing my lunch while I watch her cook; I get so hungry smelling the food. We also started swimming on Wednesdays. It's hard for me to take pictures, but I'll try. Sometimes I feel like I am the only person taking photos!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Springfield, Oh

Monica was very excited to play dress up with Olivia
Bennie is getting so big!

Olivia loves Shamus

We had a great time with the Cox Family this past weekend. Jenni and I got to make a lot of freezer food while the kids played. Brad and Brock did some house projects. It was great to catch up. Can't wait until next time! I'll be sure and bring Scrabble,hee, hee!

Bounce Planet

I think Dale and Brad had more fun than the girls...
Jadyn and Olivia
It was along way up
Olivia could stay here all day!
Of course she wanted bitty baby to come; her idea

Wild, Wild, West

Olivia was very excited when I came to pick her up from school last week. She had her cowgirl hat on that she made for her craft and she was trying to lasso me when I came out to get her. When we got home I quickly grabbed my camera to take this cute footage.