Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Soccer Team picture

We had to be at soccer practice last Saturday at 8:15 am for our team photo. Olivia is enjoying being silly with her new friends on her team. It's nice seeing her develop new friendships, and I think she has a new crush on a little boy on her team called, Brody. She follows him around and says she likes him b/c "he falls down a lot". Last week she had to actually introduce me to him in person. It was really cute. Soccer has been an overall good time, we definitely won't sign her up again in the near future....she prefers dance and swimming WAY more than this sport at this time. But it's been fun and adorable to watch the unique personalities on the field. It's also been nice seeing Brad out there as Asst Coach. He is great with kids. Only 3 weeks left.

Our 8th Anniversary

We didn't get to have our date for our anniversary on Sept 8th as planned b/c Brad came down with Bronchitis and was really sick for like 9 days. Last week while Olivia was at Pioneer Club we went and had a nice dinner together. The dessert was calling my name as was the bread..but I am trying to be good and passed on both. It's been a wonderful 8 years. It's amazing how fast the time is going and that were about to bring another life into this world. God has really blessed us and we are very grateful for his new mercies and grace each day. I am not to keen on my appearance in this anniversary picture..but I had to post to savor the pregnant memory.

With much love, Boo- Michele

Choo-Choo's Birthday

A few weeks back we went home to Michigan City to celebrate my dad's birthday. Olivia had fun making cupcakes with grandma and enjoyed giving him the ceramic turtle that she made for him at "Color Me Mine". Hope you had a nice birthday Dad! We love you!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Pioneer Club

We also started Pioneer Club through our Church every Wednesday evening. Olivia is in the Scooter's class. In Pioneer Club they do crafts, play games, hear a Bible story, have snacks and learn a lot of new things about God by memorizing scripture. Her teacher's name is Miss Erica who she already loves. Each week they meet with the same friends. This past Wednesday night was the ice cream social and she had a great time. I really love our church. It is so nice to see so many of the same children week after week and knowing most of the teachers/people is such a blessing. Pretty much the majority of the kids who participate in soccer also do Pioneer Club. Pioneer Club goes up to 3rd grade I think. Were going to have a busy fall!!

More dance pictures

Dancing Friends

Olivia started back into dance class this past Tuesday. She will go every Tuesday until mid October. We were sad to have to give up swimming for now, but we will continue back with that I hope in March. She loves music and loves to dance. She picked her blue tutu out. Her teacher's name is Miss Shelle.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

First Day of Pre-school

It's amazing to see how big she has grown since the first day of Pre-school 3 years ago. We are both very comfortable at her school and know so many of the teachers and how things run, so this morning went very smooth. Her teacher's are Miss Karin and Miss Jill. She wanted to know if Miss Karin was going to have a lot of rules like Miss Dawn had. When I picked her up and asked what her favorite thing was that she did..she said " i have a new friend, she has brown skin like our friend Ms. Yvette and curly hair". "She is my bestest friend". So adorable. She couldn't recall her name. She also made a cute picture for her Daddy and she made sure to draw circles for the cheeks b/c their rosy.
Brad has been sick since Sunday...we were actually thankful to find out that he only had bronchitis and not the nasty flu after visiting the Doctor. He has been stuck in our bed since Sunday. Hopefully he will be feeling better soon. He can't seem to kick his fever. Our 8th Anniversary was on Tuesday. Kind of funny that we slept in separate Sickness and in Health. Anyhow she had a great day today and is excited to go back on Friday.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Well the nurse called me yesterday to tell me that I do have gestational diabetes. I was and still am disappointed, but know that I need to take this seriously so the baby will be healthy. I meet with the diabetes educator next Thursday and she will get me hooked up with the ol' so fabulous glucose monitor and help me with what to eat. Luckily, Christin has already started helping me in that area. Then I will be checking my sugar everyday and faxing my results into the Dr daily.
Other than that I am feeling good. Olivia and I went to Meijer today and I loaded up on sugar-free ice cream and sugar free chocolate chip pudding. Olivia is sure to remind me daily that I can't eat sugar b/c I have diabetes. This is a definite lifestyle change...hopefully it's just temporary. If you have any treats or ideas for good food, please email me!

Pool Party at Laramie's

This past weekend we went to Elkhart to have a pool party at Laramie and Mike's house. It was so fun to be there with my ol' college roomies and visiting with their families. Laramie and Mike have 2 kids, and so do Katie and Jeff. The pool temp I heard was 85, but the outdoor temps barely reached 65. I was the only one that didn't get in the pool, oh well. I got some great pics. Laramie made so much food and desserts, thanks again. You guys are great and I miss you so much. Your kids are all so unique and adorable.

Jadyn's 4th birthday

Soccer Video

I ran out of footage on this video, but at the very end she does manage to kick the soccer ball into the goal!


Olivia started soccer at our church 2 Saturday's ago. Brad is the assistant coach and is really enjoying the kids. They just got shirts that say there team name. Which is team "Storm". All the kids are kind of everywhere on the field. Olivia likes to play red light/green light and games like that I think more then playing actual soccer. Oh, and when anyone ever falls she is the first in line asking them if their ok, etc. It's a great first exposure to a team sport. She loves the game "ouch" because all the kids get to kick the soccer balls at her daddy. After about 40

minutes she usually comes over to me and tells me how tired she is. All the kids of course love snack time. During the middle of snack time the coaches give a devotional and they pray together. It's really sweet. The last 2 times we have played the weather has been so cold at 8:30 am. I hope it warms up a little next time. They have there first game in 1 week, that should be really interesting and hysterical.