Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Soccer Team picture

We had to be at soccer practice last Saturday at 8:15 am for our team photo. Olivia is enjoying being silly with her new friends on her team. It's nice seeing her develop new friendships, and I think she has a new crush on a little boy on her team called, Brody. She follows him around and says she likes him b/c "he falls down a lot". Last week she had to actually introduce me to him in person. It was really cute. Soccer has been an overall good time, we definitely won't sign her up again in the near future....she prefers dance and swimming WAY more than this sport at this time. But it's been fun and adorable to watch the unique personalities on the field. It's also been nice seeing Brad out there as Asst Coach. He is great with kids. Only 3 weeks left.

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  1. Livie,
    It was fun watching you play soccer. You did good kicking the ball. It was nice to see you with your new friends, too. We are looking forward to seeing you play again this weekend. Love you lots. Papa and mema