Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Olivia started soccer at our church 2 Saturday's ago. Brad is the assistant coach and is really enjoying the kids. They just got shirts that say there team name. Which is team "Storm". All the kids are kind of everywhere on the field. Olivia likes to play red light/green light and games like that I think more then playing actual soccer. Oh, and when anyone ever falls she is the first in line asking them if their ok, etc. It's a great first exposure to a team sport. She loves the game "ouch" because all the kids get to kick the soccer balls at her daddy. After about 40

minutes she usually comes over to me and tells me how tired she is. All the kids of course love snack time. During the middle of snack time the coaches give a devotional and they pray together. It's really sweet. The last 2 times we have played the weather has been so cold at 8:30 am. I hope it warms up a little next time. They have there first game in 1 week, that should be really interesting and hysterical.

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