Friday, August 13, 2010

2nd Day

Liv has only had 2 days of kindergarten and she already seems older. She likes to do dishes now?! She cleaned up all the ice cream bowls last night.
Olivia loves to push Ava in the mornings to the bus stop

I followed the bus yesterday; I just wanted to see the route. Then I drove to the school again and took one more picture of her walking to the KDG section and then I left. She got into the car again yesterday with a big smile saying " I had another great day, mama!

2nd Day Bus Video

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

She's home already!

Can you tell she had a great day at school. We just picked her up. She said " mom your right, kindergarten is fun"! She wanted to go to Bob Evans for lunch. I got lots of hugs; only because she was cold, but I was taking every single hug.

They look like 2 squirrel's with nuts in there mouths!

The wheels on the bus....

Here it comes... I can't really describe how I was feeling as the bus was approaching; I guess in a way I was kind of numb. Like Wow is this day really here now? The anticipation of this day happening hasn't left my mind since her last day of pre-school. I was so nervous, but yet so thrilled because Brad and I knew she was "ready". The last 5 years quickly flashed through my head...I gave her a kiss as I was shaking and told her that "I loved her and that to give God her Best" (as I always do when I leave her anywhere) and she walked on. I took her picture and she sat 2 rows back on the right side. I said "Hi" to the Bus Driver, Mr Steve. He had a gentle demeanor about him. His voice was soothing and I think he could feel what I was going thru. I told her I loved her again and I got off. Oh and I said "ya know she is a kindergartner" He said "yes I know". I also wanted to say, but didn't " and that's my baby so be careful on this big ol' bus". A bus has never looked so big then when Liv was on it by HERSELF. I got off the bus and then the tears really started to flow...Brad was kind of quiet. I asked him what he was thinking and he said "she is ready". We hurried to our car and went straight to the school to capture more videos. The hardest part was over.
Mr Steve the bus driver

First Day of Kindergarten

Once she got off of bus they walked on the red line to the kindergarten section. It felt very organized and a very safe environment. The teachers were all so nice to me and warm.
We drove to the school after she got on the bus. We were able to get videos and pictures of her getting off of bus. It was so great being able to witness her doing all these "firsts". She had her "school" face on; very serious and attentitve. I was so proud of her.

Boy am I feeling it now..were within minutes before bus is coming

Gearing up for going to bus stop

Having a nice breakfast before school

Meet the teacher night

Saturday, August 7, 2010

9 months old already

Brad made this "magic carpet ride" for Liv quite some time ago. We recently have been enjoying it again. Even better with Ava along for the ride.
I am 9 months old now. As you can see I am making progress with my sitting up. I can roll over now. My mama is very proud. I rolled over on my sister's birthday. Could I be any cuter?

I am getting stronger

Gotta love this picture

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Orlando, Florida 2010

The new Indianapolis airport is really nice. We hadn't flown since Hawaii and Olivia was only 2 then. She was very excited and did great.
The plane ride there was not fun; the kids did good. Ava's first flight. She only cried a little. Brad had to sit 10 rows ahead of us and we were by the toilets. Flight back was 100% better though.

We spent the majority of the time at our pool. Olivia is a fish and Ava really liked being in her crab. Brad and Olivia went to the Aquatica Water Park across the street from Sea World a lot.

Olivia slept in our king size bed and Ava slept in the living room

Shamu show was cool!


We had fun at SeaWorld. I was so thankful that there was a huge nursing shelter for Ava and I. It was HOT~

We got a lot of use out of this waterslide

Orlando, Florida

Ava alseep at Downtown Disney

Fulton's Crabhouse--the home of my watermelon Mojito!
I forget what ride were on, I know I was dizzy, though!

Fun Carnival games

Ava and her crab!

Orlando, Florida

Babe, you have quite a tan going on

Love my bananas

Yes, Brad is still making special pancakes. This is Ava and Olivia