Thursday, June 24, 2010

Ava on video

Fun times at the pool

Father's Day Weekend

Daddy and his daughter's
Olivia made Grandpa and Papa some cool tee-shirts

She looks like Mary here-where is Joseph?

While we were in town we got to stop and see the Bride to be. I got my awesome bridesmaid dress!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Vacation Bible School

I helped in crafts again this year. A great group of gals!
Ava and Olga- Olga just loved on her. I didn't have to worry; she was awesome with the babies.

Olivia loved VBS. The songs I think were her favorite; well the snacks ranked high too.

Water Balloon fun- I forgot to bring her bathing suit..oh well.

All the kids giving Pastor Scott a hug! I am already excited about next year's VBS. I was blessed by the week. So much energy in the room; the kids were great. So many people put their servants hat on to make the event awesome.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Brian and Tara

We went to a beautiful wedding this past weekend in Cincinnati. Brad was in the wedding and I do have to say he looked so handsome. I was truly blessed by this wedding. We hadn't been to a wedding in a long time. This couple had been dating over 8 years. One of their first big dates was at our wedding. They have quite a love story and it was great to be a part of their most special day. It was fun getting all dressed up. Although I got spit up all over my dress, it was quickly cleaned up by some baby wipes. We brought Ava to the wedding; my parents came down with us and watched Olivia. They took her to the Newport Aquarium and did some swimming at the hotel.
Here's to the happy couple, Brian and Tara Kelley

We clean up pretty good, eh?!

I was getting ready at this point to put Ava to sleep in the stroller. She slept for like 2 hrs in there which was great!

The ceremony was outside, it was very HOT! Gorgeous setting!

Ava's first splash

Not only was this Ava's first time in the pool, but she is now 7 months old! This last month Ava has really become a lot more content and happier. She really loves eating Pears. It's so cute to see her open her mouth up real wide to take in the next bite. She is enjoying her activity center more.
She liked the water. She got a little scared when some kids were being loud, but overall I think she enjoyed it. She looked adorable. I can't wait to get her back in the water.

Liv "lets see if you can get any closer to Ava"!

Heritage Christian Dance Camp Recital

I don't think Ava looks comfortable here

Olivia did real well on stage while she sang and danced to "Jesus Loves Me" The second song she was real shy and didn't dance much, be we were still proud of her being on stage! I could of watched her all day. At times she looks so big to me and grown up, now today she looked like a little baby up there! So innocent and excited about what's next to come her way. There memory verse for the week was from Psalm 149:3 Let them praise his name with dancing!

Memorial Day

Here we are at the Indy 500 parade
Liv's favorite part is eating the cotton candy, after the parade was over a vendor came over and gave her 4 extra cotton candy bags for free!

Ava had fun looking up at all the trees blowing in the wind

We went with Dale, Amy and Jonathan ( Jadyn was in Montana)

Olivia commanding the stage for our neighbors who came over for a cookout. We got rained out, but we still had fun!