Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Well the nurse called me yesterday to tell me that I do have gestational diabetes. I was and still am disappointed, but know that I need to take this seriously so the baby will be healthy. I meet with the diabetes educator next Thursday and she will get me hooked up with the ol' so fabulous glucose monitor and help me with what to eat. Luckily, Christin has already started helping me in that area. Then I will be checking my sugar everyday and faxing my results into the Dr daily.
Other than that I am feeling good. Olivia and I went to Meijer today and I loaded up on sugar-free ice cream and sugar free chocolate chip pudding. Olivia is sure to remind me daily that I can't eat sugar b/c I have diabetes. This is a definite lifestyle change...hopefully it's just temporary. If you have any treats or ideas for good food, please email me!

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  1. I'm so sorry, Michele. How frustrating. Hopefully, you'll be able to control it just by diet. And luckily, it's not too much longer. We'll be thinking of you!