Tuesday, September 7, 2010

10 months old

I like the grass
Look at me

She loves those keys

Silly bands you are everywhere in my house

Our little Ava turned 10 months old this past week. Ava has made a lot of progress this past month. She got 2 teeth at the end of September and started sitting up on her own. Her smile can melt your heart, she is so pretty and it seems as though her blue eyes and reddish hair will be sticking around. I am starting to call her my carrot cake. She is still very fiesty and has quite a temper. Seems like those character genes run in the family. She loves mommy to hold her A lot. Mommy has now been going to the chiropractor, after some adjusting my back feels good again!

Man does she ever love her big Sister. I can get teary eyed with emotion about this. Such a neat experience seeing them laugh together. Ava is still getting up about one time per night to eat. She is resisting the bottle and that has become a source of stress. But with each new day I see God's mercies ever present in our lives. Thanks to Him who gives me strength!

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