Friday, October 15, 2010

11 months old now

It's great now that she can sit up in this tub. She loves her baths, hates getting out.
About the end of September we started giving her table food. She ate pasta first..and now she is full throttle. Eating, tofu, avocado, english muffins, pork tenderloin. I chop everything up into tiny bits so she can swallow. I also tried giving her cow's milk in a bottle and she actually sucked and drank a little.

Sister fun. Olivia loves making her laugh. The feeling is mutual. Ava likes to spit out her food now in the high chair, which makes Olivia laugh.

I never realized how much strength is required to hit "milestones". I guess I took that for granted with Olivia. She just did everything so early, I didn't even notice the steps involved. Ava is making progress with standing alone now. Her little vein pops out on the side of her face when she tries to sit up by herself from a laying down position. You can see the exertion she puts into it.

Miranda loves working with Ava. We continue our weekly sessions. Olivia loves to mimic Physical Therapy sessions. She acts just like Miranda, gets out her notepad, etc. She loves to encourage her sister. I use the word "gentle" a lot during those therapy sessions.

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  1. These pictures just warm my heart. It is so nice to see Ava progressing, even if it is, at her own rate. I love to see Olivia and Ava interact. Ava LOVES Olivia. I am sure that the feeling is mutual. We love them both so much. Papa and mema