Monday, October 26, 2009

A nice weekend at the water park

This past weekend we went to the indoor water park and spent the weekend there with Grandma and Choo-Choo. Olivia had a great time playing in the water and having fun being a seal. She was tall enough to go on the middle inner tube slide which she went on several times with her dad. Her and I got to go on the lazy river. She loved spending time the most I think playing and jumping off the end of the pool with grandma. It was a great weekend. She sure appreciated all the snacks that grandma packed.

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  1. Olivia,
    I am so glad that you got to go swimming at the water park. Choo choo and grandma must have been happy to see you can swim so well.
    Good job, Livie. Maybe we can go again during the Christmas holiday. Love you lots, papa and mema