Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Ava cont

My favorite part of Ava's first birthday was of her scoping out her birthday cake. She really looked at it for the longest time, and then Brad put her finger in the frosting and then it was all over. She loved it. I also loved singing Happy Birthday to her. Our little Ava, she is such a lovable child. Her smile can li ght up a room, those cheeks keep getting bigger and bigger. Oh, how I miss those mohawk days. Seems like yesterday when she used to sleep in my arms at night. I remember thinking "how is this going to work", "she is never going to sleep in her crib"..And guess what she sleeps great in there now. Ava is and will continue to do everything in her own time. I really have had to Give her up to God. I have learned and still learning that God's plan for her life is the right plan. With the support of encouraging family and friends, always willing to send/read me a scripture to remind me that God loves her more than we do. He is perfect, all powerful and sovereign. He is teaching me and refining me everyday. My home is my mission field.

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