Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A weekend with Choo and Gram

We had a nice weekend with "Choo and Gram". For some reason Olivia has been shortening their names?!We went to Connor Prairie and Chick-Fil-A. Grandma and Olivia did a lot of special baking and from what I heard Choo-Choo read a lot of books that night before putting her down to sleep! Thanks for coming down to visit with us and for watching her while we went out for a date. I have to say we went and saw Slum Dog Millionaire; it was outstanding! Our sunroon still smells likes grapes too, an instant deodorizer, ha!

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  1. Hi Michele,
    I've been checking in once in a while. Great pictures...how neat to see your dad and Michelle, too. Love Olivia's names for them. I've enjoyed seeing the pics of your family's adventures and the videos. Oh my goodness, you've got such a smart, outgoing, beautiful little (big!) girl on your hands. Your family is so blessed. Glad to hear you liked Slumdog Millionaire. We absolutely loved it...amazing movie!