Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Meet Flounder Videos

Olivia was so excited to pick her pet fish. I was thinking we would buy a couple of gold fish at Meijer for 19 cents each. I was quickly warned by a friend at church that gold fish die and that beta fish are the best thing for a first pet. They are better looking, only cost a few bucks and are hard to kill. Olivia and I first went to Meijer to find a fish. The Betas they had were pretty ugly looking (almost looked sick), so we just picked out a fish tank and some plants. We then went to Pet Smart. Olivia was pretty set on a yellow fish because that's the color of Ariel's fish friend, Flounder. Pet Smart actually had hundreds of Betas and even had yellow ones. I took about 10 of them and lined them up in the Pet Smart aisle and let Livie pick from them. She decided on a really nice blue and red Beta and said it looked like a Walrus Fish. We brought it home and named it Flounder. He seems to be happy so far. Love, Daddy


  1. I just laughed out loud! That was a great fish dance, Olivia. I think I saw Flounder shakin' his tail. ;)

  2. Olivia,
    What a pretty fish! Flounder will be so happy to dance and sing with you. Papa and mema cannot wait to see it. Take good care of Flounder! We love you.