Friday, February 13, 2009

Olivia's sayings!

There have been a few things lately that Olivia will say and I keep telling myself I need to journal them; so here goes. She says " Mom you are a genius", yesterday she asked me if she could have "some lovins" while I was making dinner. Of course I stopped and held her for a good 5 minutes, it was great! When we play tag she says " Tag Here it". Whenever we do anything she says "Is it going to take awhile longer". In fact last night Brad went and used the restroom, so she stood on the outside of the door and kept asking "Dad, will it take for long"? I should just keeping adding her cute phrases on here.


  1. Oh, i LOVE it! These are hilarious - and so sweet. You gotta keep writing these down so you can remember. :)

  2. Michele,
    Keep up the great work with these pictures and videos. They help because we miss her so much. I can just hear her saying those things. I need to start a mema journal, too, as she "cracks us up" with all of her little
    expressions. She definitely has a great sense of humor. We love you, Michele.