Sunday, February 21, 2010

My Liv

I had to post this picture because I wanted to look back and remember how Olivia loved to layer her clothes. She loves, loves clothes and she has developed a certain style that actually I think goes quite well with her personality. (colorful, funky and memorable) She wears ruffle skirts almost everyday with tights. The kid has every color ruffle skirt along with a million different types of tights. She loves to layer her shirts. We might not always agree on her choice option of the day; but she has definitely "owned" her style quite well. FYI- Can you believe she will be going to kindergarten in 6 months. Kindergarten round-up is in April. I am already trying to prepare myself for that day.

Olivia loves feeding Ava. It's a real treat for her to have this responsibility. No one can make Ava laugh more than Olivia. Even when it looks like she is being to hard on Ava and we are about to step in and say " Livie be more gentle" Ava gives a big smile, confirming that she liked the torture--ha. They are sisters and I love it!


  1. Livie,
    I love these pictures of you. They are so YOU!! You are so pretty in your outfit and I love the picture of you feeding Ava. You are such a great big sister. I love you lots. Mema