Monday, February 1, 2010

My grandma

My grandma, Betty Broad, went home to be with the Lord last Tuesday, Jan 19th 2010. It feels surreal saying that she isn't here anymore. I here the ambulances go by now and I thank God that she isn't suffering anymore. I am glad she is in heaven where she feels no pain, and all that is surrounding her is sunshine and all the goodness and joy that she didn't feel here on earth these last few years. She was the best grandmother a little girl could have. We spent so many wonderful times many to even describe especially when I was growing up. She always made me feel special and loved-just the way only a grandmother can make you feel. Of course I could never do any wrong in her eyes and she would let me eat Captain Crunch cereal even when my mom said I couldn't. I will always remember her calling me " her little Annie" and that little face she used to make on the back of envelopes when we would write eachother. I couldn't even count how much money she used to slip in my fingers when I would go away to college. I will never forget the look on her face once I graduated college and she tried to give me $50.00 and I declined to take it. I told her that I didn't need any money anymore. I am so glad that she got to see Olivia all the way up until 4 1/2. And eventhough she didn't physically meet Ava I know that she is smiling in heaven. Death is so much harder on the people that are left behind;but the comfort and peace I have in knowing that we will meet again surpasses my human understanding and I am filled with hope. I already miss talking to her on the phone, and her gentle soft hands when she would put them on my face to give me a kiss. She was such a loving, generous, giving grandma to me. I love you grandma and I thank you for all the wonderful memories that we shared. I hope one day when my girls are grown that I can be just a glimpse of the grandma you were to me. Now that would be an honor.


  1. Michele,

    This was very nice. It brought warmth to my heart and tears to my eyes. I will miss her, too. She is definitely in a better place.
    Love ya, Sharyl

  2. Michele, I think this is a beautiful rememberance of your Grandma. The best way to honor her is to pay it forward with your grandchildren. Love Aunt Connie

  3. M, what a sweet tribute to her. :)

  4. Michele,
    Very sorry to hear about your Grandma. What a sweet and amazing Grandma she was to you...and a beautiful relationship you had. You are so blessed to have had SO many special years with her. Thinking of you...