Friday, May 14, 2010

Ava Mairenn is 6 months old

Liv feeding Ava oatmeal. She took to eating pretty well. I broke down and fed her like 10 days before she actually turned 6 months old.
She doesn't wear bows to much; just because I love her mohawk so much!

She doesn't really enjoy this yet... And yes...Olivia still has her tag.. She had to take just a few "sucks"..

My little cherry drop just had her 6 month check up along with lots of shots on Tuesday. She is weighing in at 14.7 pounds. She is about 25% in height and weight. Her head is like in the brain I guess! She is doing well...were not breaking any milestones over here, but for the most part she is happy. This month has been a little bit more challenging. She has been a lot more fussy, come to find out she may be allergic or have some problems digesting meat./ or possibly have an allergy to dairy??? In the interim I am eating a non-dairy diet for the next few weeks to see if it makes any difference with her temperament. (The Doctor found blood in her stool.) I have talked about poop a lot this week. And have collected a lot of poop this week. She goes to her little heart doctor appt next Monday for another echo. I am praying the hole has closed. Let's see..I am making more of an attempt to roll over, but still like laying on my back and watching others. I enjoy sitting in my high chair and eating. So far I have had in order: Oatmeal, turkey, green beans, peas, carrots, squash..and now I am starting a special diet and I am just eating rice cereal and peas for a few days. I like giving my mom grey hairs. I am starting to pull and play with objects. I laugh a lot and have a great smile. I like my bumbo seat more now. I am also a lot more verbal and love to hear my voice. When my mom puts me in my crib I can move all around and I end up in weird spots. I also made my first trip to Michigan City and Elkhart last weekend. I still get up way to much for my mom. What can I say I still like those boobies...

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