Friday, November 20, 2009

Precious pictures

This is our first family picture. Olivia met us in the lobby of the hospital on my release date. It was very hard not having her in the hospital with us when Ava was born. I missed her terribly.
Liv looks so old and strong to's like she is 21.

This is one of my favorite photos thus far.

The Smith Family is trying to identify what our new "normal" is. With pure exhaustion setting in with the "oh so many sleepless nights" I don't think we know what is "normal" right now. We are just in survival mode. Thank God for all the meals we are getting through my MOPS group.

We are enjoying watching Ava gain weight and move her head around more during tummy time. Olivia is very curious and already has taken a special liking to her sister. I love saying the word "sister" how wonderful that bond I pray will be when they get older. Brad likes to call Ava- Ava bean. I forgot what it was like to constantly smell like spit up on your body. You forget those things....She is so pretty and everything that were going thru is SO WORTH IT.


  1. Beautiful pictures! I feel your pain of sleepless nights and smelling like spit up. Funny how you forget. So glad all is going well for you all. Olivia looks so proud of her new little sister! Congrats again to you!!!!

  2. We wear the spit-up scent over here, too! Love the pictures. Ava is beautiful! All that hair! I'm sure you hear that a lot like we have. I especially love the picture of Olivia with baby sister that you put in your precious! (Oh, we have the same car seat carrier, had it with Alex). Congratulations, again. Looks like you all are doing great!

  3. Smiths,

    Words cannot begin to describe the feeling of love we can have for Ava, as much as we love Olivia. She is BEAUTIFUL!!! What a lovely family!!! We love you all sooooooo much. I just hate being so far away. Love, Mema

  4. Wow, Michele....I see so much of you in Ava! She's so little and precious! Hang in there, you'll get into a routine soon :-)