Friday, January 30, 2009

Grace, Rice and Chinese Video!

I think by the time Olivia is 16 my house won't be big enough for all of her picture albums. Ever since we went to Carmel High School's "Year of the dragon", celebrating the Chinese New Year she is fascinated by how Chinese people talk. When we were at the festival a few weeks ago she asked me " do all these people come from Chinese?". This is also the prayer she says before her snack at school. I love watching her pray, her eyes close so intently...there are so many times that I open my eyes and just soak in her innocence and listen to her love Jesus. We are having an off day today, she is sick with about 103.5 fever; Dr Scott thinks she has the early stages of Croup.

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  1. Good job, Olivia. God is good. Remember that mema, daddy, and you are Japanese, too. I am glad that you like rice. Mema will make some for you next week. You are so special! We love you sooooo much!!!