Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Gotta get'em up!

My dad used to tell me that most mornings before school "Gotta get'em up", sure enough that's what I was doing this morning to Brad and Olivia. She had pre-school and well ya know he had to get to work. What you are seeing in this picture is very normal. Brad loves to get up early around 6:00 am and go into her room and cuddle with her. I thought this picture was funny b/c Olivia has her taggie over her head. We had a talk the other day that her dear old "tag" was going to have to stay in her bed once she turns four. Lately, we have also been discussing the concept of strangers. When our building manager came over yesterday she asked him " are you a stranger"; Tom said "yes I am". Kind of funny, than we had another talk about not asking strangers if they are strangers. And the questions..well they keep coming.


  1. that is too sweet that he gets up and goes to cuddle with her!