Sunday, August 2, 2009

Columbian Park

Last weekend we took a little drive and headed up to Lafayette to Columbian Park. It was a darling park and I definitely recommend it if you have young children. Olivia went on the 3 fair rides that were built in the 50's. She loved them. We went to their little Zoo..which was free, we also ventured to the water park but the water was so cold we only stayed in for like 15 minutes. After that we let her play in the park area which was great. The picture below which we called the "Zip Line" was her favorite. It was just a great family day for us. Brad and I were talking about what fun we have had just the 3 of us since Olivia has been born, things are going to change a lot once the baby comes. We really savored in the moment of it just being "the 3 of us" and enjoyed our daughter's enthusiasm and fun spirit while we were there. We had dinner at Bruno's Swiss Inn and the food was great! Very Yummy pizza! I hadn't been by the Purdue campus in years.

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