Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Forest Park Camp: Videos and Pictures

Her age group that day got to hold the flag and put it on the pole

This was box turtle day

This past week Olivia and I went to Forest Park for there "mommy and me" camp week. I wasn't ready for her to attend yet all by herself, so this was a great alternative. We both had a great week and overall the weather was really nice. On the last day we went to the water spray park. I didn't even wear my bathing suit because I had no intention of getting in...well after 30 minutes I was in fully clothed with my belly sticking out..It was fun and rather refreshing. Brad got to come join us for a few hours on Friday too. Every day had a different them: Possum day, Salmon day...etc. We went on hikes, did crafts, played lots of silly games, learned new songs and just had plain ol' fun. I remember going to camp as a child and I loved it. You can only do certain things at camp..drink "bug juice" etc. Maybe next year I'll let her go alone? MAYBE!

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