Saturday, May 16, 2009

Graduation; Last day of School

Olivia's last day in the 3/4 year old class was last Thursday. It was so fun getting to sit in her class for the last hour and witness the things she has been learning and doing through-out the school year. Before the kids came into the classroom the teachers had us sit in their little chairs and wait for them to make their "grand entrance". It was so adorable, as I was sitting there I couldn't believe that she is another year older and that I was about to be apart of her celebration of yet another year of her precious pre-school years. I just got goose bumps as she walked in with her head high; so proud and happy to see me. I took a lot of videos, but I will just share a couple of the clips. I am extremely fond of her pre-school and the Christian values she is learning and sharing at home with us. She has enjoyed every single day of school. I wanted her to be in an environment where she was nurtured and felt loved. This pre-school has provided those qualities along with an atmosphere that fits in with our family values and allows Olivia to be free spirited and that captures her heart for learning.

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  1. Olivia,
    What a nice job you did at your preschool celebration! Your singing was awesome. I loved the way your used your arms and body while you were singing. That made it even more special. I am so, so proud of you. Love you lots - Mema